Message from the Chairman

“Bringing the Fusion Energy Demonstration Power Plant (DEMO) to Aomori Prefecture”

The Aomori ITER Project Promotion Council was established in June of 2006 with the support of local businesses, associations and government to develop activities in which industry, academia, government and banking work together with the purpose of promoting the implementation of the “Broader Approach Activities”, a joint research and development project between Japan and the EU that aims for the early realization of nuclear fusion energy, in Aomori Prefecture. Since then, we have been engaged in activities that support the establishment of a new nuclear fusion R & D hub for Japan and for the world with the goal of attracting the next-generation fusion energy demonstration power plant (DEMO) after the ITER experimental reactor to Aomori Prefecture. We strive to make our projects easily relatable from the vantage point of the citizens of Aomori and so, the scope of our activities span a broad range of areas, such as the gathering of information in association with the ITER Project or the BA Activities, the organization of observation visits for our members to fusion energy related facilities in and outside the prefecture, and the implementation of projects and seminars for citizens and businesses within the prefecture to raise public awareness on fusion energy and to explain the uses of fusion energy-related technology. With your understanding and cooperation, my hope is that you will support the objectives of our Council and that together we can aim to attract the fusion energy demonstration power plant (DEMO) to Aomori Prefecture.


1 Purpose

The Council was established in order to promote projects (the “Broader Approach (BA) Activities”) related to the ITER Project in Aomori Prefecture, and to aim for a new research hub for nuclear fusion research development in Japan with the objective of attracting the next-generation fusion energy demonstration power plant (DEMO)to Aomori

2 What We Do

(1) Gather information in association with the ITER project and other related projects.
(2) Spread public awareness about fusion energy.
(3) Observation visits to fusion energy experimental and research facilities and other related facilities.
(4) Research the use of fusion energy related technology by businesses in the prefecture.
(5) Other activities in line with the realization of the council’s objectives.

3 Organization (as of June 4, 2013)

Chairman: Mitsuo Hayashi (President, Aomori Prefecture Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Vice-Chairman: Kazumasa Taneichi (Director, Mutsu Ogawara Sangyo Kasseika Center Incorporated Foundation)
Advisors: Governor of Aomori Prefecture, Chairman of the Aomori Prefectural Assembly
Directors: 18
Auditors: 2
Members: Aomori Prefecture, 14 Cities/Towns/Villages, commerce groups, businesses et cetera Total: 67 member groups
Supporting Members: 26 Cities/Towns/Villages, other associated groups in the prefecture et cetera Total: 42 member groups
Office: Aomori Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry

4 History

(1) December 1995 “Aomori Prefecture ITER Location Promotion Council” inauguration
As the ITER Project progressed between the 4 members, Japan, the United States, the European Union and Russia (currently 7 members including China, Korea and India), due to the direct and indirect benefits expected to be gained in the case ITER were to be located within the prefecture, the association was established with the intention of bringing together industry, education and government to undertake activities to attract ITER to the prefecture.
(2) May 2002 Rokkasho Village chosen as a the candidate site in Japan for ITER
As Japan and the EU competed to support their respective candidate locations, the council worked with the central government, the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (presently the Japan Atomic Energy Agency), the prefectural government and the surrounding local governments to actively promote the Rokkasho site as the most suitable location.
(3) June 2005 Cadarache, France chosen as the ITER site
(4) October 2005 Aomori Prefecture accepts request as the location for the BA Activities
In September 2005, the prefectural government received a request by the central government to accept the BA Activities which run in parallel to and support ITER and concern the research development for the demonstration reactor. In October of the same year, the prefecture accepted this request.
(5) June 2006 Name changed to the “Aomori ITER Project Promotion Council”
With the objective of aiming for the creation of a new fusion energy research hub in Japan while leaving in the forefront the attraction of the demonstration power plant and the promotion of the BA Activities in the prefecture, the council changed its name.

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