Aomori Prefecture is the center of the “Broader Approach (BA) Activities”, which support the ITER project and conducts research and development for the demonstration power plant

With the aim of the early realization of fusion energy, Japan and the European Union (EU) signed an international agreement and are currently operating the Broader Approach (BA) Activities, which support the ITER project and engages in advanced research and development for the demonstration power plant (DEMO). The BA Activities take place in Rokkasho Village, Aomori Prefecture and Naka City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
The BA Activities includes three projects. Two of the projects, the “International Fusion Energy Research Center (IFERC)” and the “Engineering Validation and Engineering Design Activities for the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility (IFMIF/EVEDA)” take place in Rokkasho Village, Aomori Prefecture.



Aomori Prefecture and the Broader Approach (BA) Activities

In October of 2005, Aomori Prefecture accepted a request from the central government to host the BA Activities. In turn, it made requests to the federal government for the early construction and operation of BA facilities, and that the facilities will appeal to the numerous researchers who will gather from around the world. In Rokkasho Village, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, the institution responsible for implementation of the project in Japan, began construction of the International Fusion Energy Research Center, and in March 2009, the Administration and Research Building was completed and operations began.
In March of 2010, the “IFMIF/EVEDA Accelerator Building”, the “DEMO R&D Building” and the “Computer Simulation and Remote Experimentation Building” were completed, the experiment equipment was brought in, and the main component of research and development began.

The BA Activities in Ibaraki Prefecture

The “Satellite Tokamak project”, which supports the efficient operation of ITER and collects data on the safety and financial aspects of the construction of the demonstration power plant using the Japanese superconducting experimental device (the JT-60SA) upgraded in a joint venture with the European Union, takes place in Ibaraki Prefecture.


The International Fusion Energy Research Center (IFERC) Project

Remote experimentation for ITER from Rokkasho, plasma simulation (practice tests) using a supercomputer and research and development including conceptual designs for DEMO, the next generation fusion energy power plant, are 3 of the functions of IFERC.


DEMO Design and R&D Coordination Center

In addition to planning the conceptual designs for the demonstration power plant (general designs), the necessary materials, safety and costs, coordination of the research and development between Japan and the EU take place at the Center.


Fusion Computational Simulation Center

Researchers conduct simulations (sample tests on plasma) of activities within the Satellite Tokamak (JT 60-SA) in Ibaraki Prefecture and ITER using the supercomputer at the Center.

ITER Remote Experimentation Center

Suggestions on research and collection/analyses of data are exchanged by a high speed network that links the center in Rokkasho and the ITER (experimental reactor) in France. Once the experiments in ITER begin, researchers at the Center in Rokkasho can use the network to participate in experiments in France./p>


Engineering Validation and Engineering Design Activities for the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility (IFMIF/EVEDA) Project

A facility (the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility) to test the durable materials required by the demonstration power plant is planned for construction in the near future. Tests and experiments needed for the constructing and designing of the International Fusion Materials Irradiation facility will be conducted using procedures to accelerate the world’s largest ion beam which will be brought in from the EU.


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